Preparing Young Leaders

City Ranch Goals

We believe that City Ranch is responsible for providing an environment that encourages positive growth in the children we serve. We have set the following goals for our program:

  • To provide an environment where children who come to City Ranch can hear, see, and experience the love of Jesus Christ and His healing in their lives.
  • To establish a safe environment where children can mature and develop in all areas of their lives.
  • To teach and model healthy relational skills.
  • To provide homes where children can observe and learn about family, and see the Christian life lived out.
  • To work with the natural parents and extended family to create a healthier home environment.
  • To provide skills, training, hobbies, and programs through which children can build confidence in themselves and better equip themselves to succeed.
  • To dramatically improve study skills and academic performance; to pass on to the children the love of reading by improving their reading ability.